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Advantages of Invisalign over Braces


By Dr Tushita Singh (BDS, MDS Orthodontist, Certified Invisalign Provider)

Clear aligners are an orthodontic device that is a transparent plastic form of braces. For patients needing fast correction of their smile on the go, and unable to visit the Orthodontist regularly, this is the best and most reliable option.

Dr Tushita Singh, the Orthodontist at Dental Centre India, the Best Dental Clinic in Dwarka is a Certified Invisalign Specialist with more than 10 years of experience in Braces for adults and has finished hundreds of cases with perfection. 

She is also well trained in other aligner systems like Flash Aligners and 32 Watts aligners similar to Invisalign providing good results.


Aligner treatment offers multiple advantages to the wearer over traditional braces. The main attribute being that they are completely invisible. To the people seeking correction of smile without Fixed braces in Dwarka, this is a huge benefit. 

Nobody can figure out the person using invisible aligners is wearing them or getting any kind of treatment done. Fixed braces either metal or ceramic will always be slightly visible in the mouth.

 Along with this, they can be easily inserted and removed by the patient. The patients when starting treatment are given detailed instructions about how to use the aligners by Dr Tushita Singh, the Best Orthodontist in Dwarka at Dental Centre Dwarka. 

Unlike fixed braces for which the patient has to visit the Orthodontist every month for tightening, the aligner treatment can be carried on by the patient either while travelling or even in the comfort of their home, making them the clear choice for teeth alignment correction.

Advantages-of-clear aligners-over-Tradditional-Braces


Fixed braces come with a set of specific instructions of what to eat and what to avoid, making the wearer very restricted in their diet. 

With Invisalign treatment at Dental Centre Dwarka the best dental clinic for braces at City Centre, Mall Rd, Sector 12 Dwarka, New Delhi, diet restriction is no longer an issue. Since the aligners are removable, the patient is required to take them off while eating or drinking anything, giving them the freedom to eat anything they desire with ease.

 Dr Tushita Singh, the most popular Invisalign specialist in Dwarka firmly believes that any kind of treatment should not interfere with the daily routine of patients and hence recommends aligners to continue having your favourite foods and snacks without guilt.

At Dental Centre Dwarka, the best clinic for Invisalign in Dwarka, we promote aligner treatment for both adults and teens as well. 

Simple smile issues like gaps between teeth, overlapping teeth can be beautifully solved by aligners. Slightly more complex issues like forwardly placed front teeth can be treated without extracting teeth in most cases by aligners at Dental Centre India,Dwarka. 

Even much more complex cases like jaw deviation or slight jaw correction can be treated by Invisalign at Dental Centre Dwarka, New Delhi.

Get a Instant Call Back

Invisalign is especially beneficial for people who are based outstation or are unable to visit the dental clinic due to being based out of Delhi or their busy work schedules. 

Dr Tushita Singh, the best Invisalign specialist in Gurgaon remains in touch with such patients ardently over WhatsApp or Skype to make sure their treatment is being followed up properly.

Beginning your Invisalign or other aligner treatment with Dr Tushita Singh at Dental Centre India, Sector 43, Gurgaon, the mosts popular destination for Invisalign and braces in Gurgaon, is a highly simplified process. 

The patients meet the Invisalign Specialist for Pre-treatment Impressions, Photos and Scanning of teeth. Post this, Dr Tushita Singh works at the back end and makes an animated video of the before and after look of corrections of the smile, which is completely customizable and is unique for each patient.

 The final video is shown to the patient for their approval, if the patient is unavailable, this can be easily done over mails. The final video is then approved by both the patient and our in-house Invisalign Specilaist, Dr Tushita Singh and the aligner sets are manufactured.

 If the patient is available, they are given the sets in the clinic and explained in detail about their insertion, removal and usage. At Dental Centre Dwarka, Delhi, we are well prepared for all situations and even if the patient is unavailable or lives in another city, we ship the alilgners to them directly, accompanied with detailed instructions on how to use them.

The Orthodontist keeps a check on the treatment personally. Patients living in Dwarka are encouraged to visit the clinic periodically. Patients living or working outside of Dwarka are kept engaged via digital means.

Call us today for a free digital smile analysis with Dr Tushita Singh at dental Centre Dwarka, the best Invisalign clinic in New Delhi.

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