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Dental Implant Cost In Dwarka India

Dental Implant Cost In Dwarka, India

Dental Implants are done in cases in which you lose teeth because of accidents or because of age factors. Dental Implants are more convenient and effective when compared to traditional methods like bridges and dentures. A dental implant is also more comfortable than many other methods, like dentures.

Dental Implant is perfect if you want to restore your perfect smile and bite using perfect teeth and chew your food without any hassle.

Dental Implant Cost In Dwarka India are more expensive than dentures or bridges, but the maintenance cost of dentures & bridges is very high when you compare it with the maintenance cost of a dental implant. 

In dental implant a titanium structure is placed in the root position where the original tooth was placed. An artificial tooth is then placed over the titanium structure. The artificial implant tooth is very similar to an original tooth. Another benefit of going for dental implant treatment rather than less expensive treatment is that it also protects your jaw bone from getting damaged.

Dental Implant Cost In Dwarka India

The Procedure of Dental Implant in Dwarka

To start the process of a dental implant, the dentist first examines your teeth and jawbones. Dentist will take an X-ray of your jawbone and teeth and, in some cases, he might carry out a CBCT scan to fully analyze the dental condition of the patient.

The time period for your dental implant treatment depends upon the position of your sinus and the condition of your jawbone.

Steps of Dental Implant Treatment in Dwarka

  • Extraction of your damaged teeth.
  • Examining the condition of your jawbone.
  • Placement of dental implant.
  • Giving healing time for the growth of bone.
  • Placement of abutment, which is the part where your artificial teeth are placed.
  • Taking impressions to make your new artificial teeth.
  • Fixing your new artificial teeth

Dental Implant Cost In Dwarka India

If you have a damaged tooth and are looking to go through a dental implant treatment in Gurgaon at Dental Centre Dwarka, then you are in the right place. However, the cost of dental implant treatment is not fixed. The cost varies from person to person. Several factors determine the cost of your dental implant. The Dental implant cost in Dwarka India can vary from 29900 INR to 49900 INR depending on personal requirements.

Benefits of Dental Implant in Dwarka

Here are few benefits of a dental implant:

  • Dental implant artificial teeth work like natural teeth.
  • Many cheap alternatives for dental implants don’t protect your jawbones, but a dental implant does.
  • The healing time for a dental implant is very less.
  • A Dental Implant is a permanent solution and lasts lifelong.
  • The procedure of a Dental implant is painless.

Everyone wants to have a perfect smile and strong teeth but due to some accident or age factors, our strong and beautiful teeth may get damaged. Therefore, dental implant is perfect for those who want their old strong and beautiful teeth back. Dental Implant may look expensive than other treatments but a dental implant is long lasting and very convenient. So, if you are looking for a solution to your damaged teeth then Dental Implant is for you. 

“Dental implant cost in Dwarka India offers affordability without compromising quality. Experience a confident smile with expert dental solutions at competitive prices. Discover renewed oral health today.”

Dental Implant Cost In Dwarka India

The Best Dental Implantologist  in Dwarka

Dr. Rishi Dhanda is a senior Dental Surgeon in practice for the last 24 years. He passed out from KLE College of Dental Sciences, Belgaum, Karnataka in the year 1996. Dr. Dhanda then went on to earn his Diploma in Aesthetic Dentistry from New York University in the year 2000. Dr. Dhanda is one of the foremost Implantologist of Gurgaon, Delhi/NCR, performing complex Dental Implant Surgeries, including digitally guided ones, for well over 20 years, with over 2600 Implant placements.

He is also credited with being one of the earliest practitioners of Single Visit Root Canal Treatments in Dwarka, starting from the year 2002. 

Dr. Dhanda has been rated by many of patients as the best Implantologist in Dwarka. Pateints have been visiting Dr. Dhanda from every part of the globe to get the best Dental treatment in Dwarka as far as Dental implant treatment in Dwarka is concerned.

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