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Best Dental Implant in Dwarka Reviews


Many people had rated Dr. Tushita Singh as the best dentist for braces in Dwarka. So, approached her for the braces treatment of my child. So far the treatment has shown lot of improvement. She has handled my child with lot of care. I would strongly recommend her if you are looking for aligners in Dwarka.

Prapti Kaushik Roshanpura, Najafgarh

Dr. Simerleen kaur is the best dentist in Dwarka that I have come across. I could feel that I was in safe hands. I would strongly recommend everyone to talk to her once before starting your dental treatment from any dentist.

Chinki Parashar Dwarka

I came across The reviews about Dr Simerleen kaur while searching for children’s dentist in Dwarka. She has guided and treated my child very well. I would surely recommend her to anyone and everyone looking for a child dentist in Dwarka.

Shyam Lal Dwarka Sector 12

Got my scaling and some fillings done here. Had an extremely satisfying and seamless experience. Best dentist in Dwarka, Dr. Simerleen who treated me is extremely patient and humble. The clinic is very well set up with the latest equipments and follows all covid protocols which makes it a stress free visit.

Gurveen Ghai Dwarka

I visited Dental Centre on a friend's recommendation. I generally feel very anxious about visiting dentists but Dr.Simerleen and the staff were very courteous and polite. She explained the treatment patiently and treated the problem with utmost care. I would strongly advise to pick this clinic over the alternatives.

Alaukik Kumar Dwarka

Very warm and welcoming environment. The doctor was very sweet and gave a detailed explanation of the procedure to be done- which was helpful since you would know what to expect during the procedure. Loved the service and would definitely recommend them to family and friends.

Moralrisen Gaming Dwarka

Dental Center Dwarka is one of the best dental care center. Dr.Simerleen's humble & soft attitude made me comfortable to proceed with the treatment & Dr.Tushita's confident attitude helped my son to start the treatment (for braces). Keep up with the good work.

Alka Pandey Dwarka

I went for removal of upper wisdom teeth(both of them) and it was done very well and Dr. Simarleen was very helpful and gave lot of advice and care, post the operation. Excellent clinic and very careful in following Covid guidelines as well.

Aditya Kumar Choudhary Majnu Ka Tila

I’ve always been concerned regarding my crooked teeth so I visited Dr. Simerleen a couple of days back where she introduced me to the concept of invisible aligners & I was amazed. Dr. Tushita proceeded with my treatment. I’m extremely satisfied with how the dental team helped me with my dental issue.

Gundeep Singh Dwarka

I was always scared to take my child to a dentist, but Dr. Simerleen helped me get over my fear and fixed my kid's teeth in the most friendly way. Dr. Simerleen is the best pediatric dentist around, highly recommended .

Pali Ghai Dwarka

Visited dental centre Dwarka at city centre sector 12 Dwarka for whitening of my teeth and smile makeover and Dr Tushita Singh did an excellent job. I would say she is best smile makeover expert in Dwarka. Thanks Dr Tushita Singh. Highly recommended.

Kshitij Shokeen Dwarka

If you are looking for Invisalign or braces in Dwarka then this is the dental clinic in Dwarka. Dr Tushita Singh is very highly experienced n skilled orthodontist in Dwarka. I was given a discount of Rs 15000 for my Invisalign treatment. Thanks Dr Tushita.

Meenakshi Tushir Sector 13, Dwarka

I had visited dental centre recently and had a great experience, Dr. Simerleen and her staff are very professional, i had RCT on two of my teeth and i am completely satisfied with the treatment, highly recommend Dr.Simerleen.

Urmila Dwarka

Well beahved Dr. And The team. She diagnosed my tooth problem and give the perfect treatment. I am impressed with neat and clean clinic. Thanks Dr. Samarleen and Team.

Pooja Srivastav Dwarka

Consulted Dr. Simerleen. The experience was great; in addition to having in depth knowledge, doctor also clearly explained dental care routines and potential problems that can arise if we don't follow these routines.

Adithya Chandrasekar Dwarka

If you are looking for the Best Dental Clinic in Dwarka, this is the place. Dr Simerleen Kaur is very friendly and treated my child with utmost care. She is the best child dentist in Dwarka. I am thankful to her for treating my child. I highly recommend this dental clinic to one and all.

Deeksha Nischal Dwarka

Great experience so far...Doctor Tushita and Doctor Simarleen are great professionals..never had any issues or concerns in respect to anything be it the treatment, appointments or simple things like explaining the procedure...

Hemant Dahiya Dwarka

The services that I receive from dental center Dwarka is excellent. Dr. Tushita Singh is the best dentist for getting braces in dwarka. I would recommend that this is the best Dental clinic in Dwarka for complete dental care for whole Family.

Kulpreet Singh 1186 DWarka