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Dr. Richa Dhanda

A Graduate of PUNE UNIVERSITY, Dr. Richa Dhanda started her private practice in 1997 and has experience of more than 20 years.

Dr Richa has a keen interest in the problems of TMJ and has been working continuously to help patients with TMD issues. 

She has specialised in TMJ diseases(Temporomandibular Joint Diseases) and has been treating patients with unexplained Facial pains, Earpain , headaches. Caused due to disharmony between Teeth,Joints and Muscles. 

Correction of BITE and Occlusal problems with Orthotic Appliances, without surgical intervention is her area of expertise. 

She is a life long learner and participates in numerous Continuing Education Courses each year to keep herself abreast with latest advancements in dentistry.

Membership in esteemed professional organizations like Progressive Orthodontics Seminars USA, Indian Dental Association, Dental Surgeons Association of India, and Vasanth Dental Learn attests to Dr. Richa’s dedication to her craft and her desire to collaborate with fellow experts.

Beyond her professional achievements, Dr. Richa Dhanda’s true essence shines through her compassionate approach to dentistry. From children to grandparents and everyone in between, she extends her gentle care and expertise to all, no matter the complexity of the procedure. 

Her ability to offer comprehensive mouth rehabilitation through various dental modalities underscores her commitment to improving her patients’ lives.

In essence, Dr. Richa Dhanda is not only an accomplished dentist but also a compassionate healthcare professional who exemplifies the spirit of unwavering dedication, continuous growth, and patient-centric care.